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Posture at your PC

A lot of my clients spend a large part of their working day in front of a computer and so I tend to treat a lot of people that have similar postural problems and patterns of muscle tension.

Muscles support our skeleton and work together to enable us to make the movements that we ask of them. When we do physical activity we know that it is best if we warm up beforehand and stretch afterwards, even if we choose not to!

While sitting at a desk your muscles are working hard in a repetitive pattern with no warm up or stretching. If you do lots of keyboard work then the muscles and tendons that move your fingers are running a marathon every day!

Obviously, having a workstation that is set up correctly for the user’s specific requirements with a supportive chair and taking regular breaks will help to guard against RSI. But everyone can help themselves by taking an active role in preventing injury.

Keep both feet on the ground! Crossing one leg on top of the other pulls the whole spine out of alignment and can contribute to shoulder and neck tension, as well as lower back pain.

Don’t let your mouse get away from you! If you’re mouse is too far out to the side, you will be using the muscles of you upper arm and shoulder, just to move the mouse. If the mouse is closer to you then the arm and shoulder joint can remain relaxed and your body doesn’t have to work so hard.

Have a Stretch! If it’s at all possible taking little breaks and moving around can make all the difference to the build up of muscle tension. Just simple movements like rolling your shoulders or moving your head slowly from side to side enables the muscles to stretch and relax.

Have a Massage! Contracted muscles can be stretched and tension can be eased enabling  pain to disapate and your body to relax. A sports therapist will also be able to recommend specific exercises and stretches to suit your body’s needs.

Be Active! If you have a job that requires you to be static for long periods of time it’s important to spend some time being active. Whether it’s walking your dog or playing your favourite sport, taking part in a physical activity that you enjoy will be hugely beneficial for your mind and your body.

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