Holistic and Massage Therapy in Brighton and Hove

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Holistic Therapies

Amanda offers a wide range of holistic treatments and is happy to advise you if you are unsure which therapy is right for you. Combination treatments are also available.

Holistic Massage

Muscle tension and stress can be alleviated, using a variety of massage techniques and essential oils blended to suit the individual needs of each client.

Reflexology PhotoReflexology

Reflexology stimulates specific points on the feet and hands, where all of the body’s structures are reflected in miniature. This relaxing and revitalising therapy can improve circulation and elimination, relieve the effects of stress and help the body to regain its natural balance. See: A short history of reflexologyReflexology maps

Indian Head Massage

This invigorating and restorative treatment incorporates traditional Indian massage techniques, pressure points, manipulation and stimulating massage to the shoulders, neck, scalp and face.

Pregnancy Massage

This calming full body massage can help to reduce muscular tension while lymphatic drainage techniques can alleviate oedema to help to produce a sense of well being and relaxation.

Reiki Treatment

This deeply relaxing and soothing treatment is received through clothes. Amanda gently places her hands either on or above the body in a sequence of positions, from the head to the feet. This non-invasive treatment is suitable for all and can be combined with massage or reflexology.